Access Your Online Account

Welcome to our Servicing Website! We are very excited to be able to provide our borrowers with many enhancements and self-service opportunities within this technology.

Access to your loan online will be dependent on your Credit Union Lender.   Please see below for the links to online access.   You may determine who your lender is by referring to your Note/Mortgage or you can review your billing statement to determine which URL is appropriate for your loan.

Please call our Customer Service Team at 800-360-2876 if you need assistance.


The most efficient, safe and secure method of setting up an automatic payment is by registering on the new Servicing Digital Website and selecting “Enroll in Autopay” on your dashboard.  This process does not require wet-signatures or have any processing delays.



If you have received a postcard that appeared to come from CUSO, please click here for important information!