The following postcard is NOT from CUSO Home Lending.

CUSO Spam Alert

It has come to our attention that spam postcards have been mailed to customers referring to a recently closed mortgage with “Cuso Hm Lndg” included in the text. The postcard claims urgency to call the provided number to discuss the matter. These postcards are NOT from CUSO, and we are urging customers not to call the number listed on the postcard. These communications, like the one seen above, is spam and can be safely ignored.

All CUSO communications regarding your personal accounts, including matters regarding your mortgage, are made through first class mail in sealed envelopes, personally addressed email, or by direct phone calls from the CUSO team.

If you’re still unsure if what you’ve received is spam, here are additional things to look out for:

  • If you see an unfamiliar company name listed. For example, the spam postcards include “All information provided by [Company Name]… loan information not provided by Cuso Hm Lndg” on the communication. CUSO would clearly state that it is coming from us.
  • If a Mortgage ID number or other account number is displayed. CUSO takes customer privacy very seriously and would never show any personal information on a postcard.
  • If an incorrect phone number is provided. Cross reference the number listed with our support number.
  • If the communication comes via postcard. CUSO mail communications are sent in a sealed first-class envelope.

We’re always here to help. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions at 800-360-2876.